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Bergantino Audio has launched a new website with new content and additional features. Their new site supports a fully responsive architecture which allows ease of use on your computer, tablet or smart phone. A shopping cart system is also included which allows Bergantino users access to cool Bergantino swag and some key accessories.

Full descriptions and explanations of products, dealer listings, customer testimonials, a blog and press information are also implemented. Lots of additional information on new products, including manuals, videos and technical information will be added as the site continues to grow.

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The limits are gone . . .


Bergantino Audio Systems NV412T, 4-12″ Speakers w/ Tweeter Bass Guitar Speaker Cabinet

Bergantino Audio Systems NV412T, 4-12″ Speakers w/ Tweeter Bass Guitar Speaker Cabinet

I had built a ‘short-run’ of Bergantino NV412T speaker cabinets (half of them are already gone), but I still have a few of these left. This will be a standard production model beginning the second quarter of 2015, so get one of these first and be an ‘early bird’. Call me if you want one of these as they will go FAST!

Unique in the Bergantino Audio Systems line of speakers are the New Vintage NV series of bass guitar speaker cabinets. The NV series cabinets are sealed (rather than the traditional ported design) which provides the NV cabinets with a tighter and more immediate bass response. The NV412T come with ‘tilt-back’ casters installed with full-length amp glides on the back to facilitate loading and unloading. All of the NV cabinets have side mounted recessed handles (at the right height to lift these onto any stage), while the NV412T employs a recessed, top mounted handle system that makes tilting these back and rolling them a breeze. The cabinetry on the NV series employ a precision tuned cabinet architecture and the enclosures are built with the finest 100% Baltic birch plywood. The NV series are covered in traditional tolex for durability (no more carpet fuzz for your cat to claw) and they all employ a rigid black grille to protect the drivers.

The internal components used are extremely high quality and they are of Bergantino design. No ‘off-the-shelf’ parts are used. Woofers have ceramic magnets with vented pole pieces and the low-end on this series of cabinets is full and round. The NV series have remained a favorite of finger style and pick players because of the tight-creamy low end found with these cabinets. The NV412T utilizes a unique tweeter matched with a custom phase-coherent coherent crossover network that extends the range of these cabinets to 12KhZ. Both have a tweeter level control on the back and turning the tweeter all the way off removes it from the circuit, so if you want the ‘old-school vibe’ – no problem. With the tweeter on, these cabs can be slap monsters to match high-output demands – with the tweeters off, just great low end and midrange goodness.

If you trend a little more old school, the NV412T can easily replace your worn 4-10” or any of the vintage 4×12” cabinets from the 60s/70s – the same sonic as the old days, but with more attitude, higher power handling and increased clarity and focus.

These will ship the after Christmas, so you should see these few after the first of the year. The Bergantino Audio Systems NV412T is ProNet priced at $1499 + $100 shipping in the lower 48 states. The next run will be around April/May of 2015.

Call now!!

NV412 Specifications:
4 – 12” Cast Frame woofers w/ vented pole pieces
Sealed Cabinet w/ Black Tolex Covering
NV Series Tweeter w/ Custom Phase-Coherent crossover & Level Control
Power Handling: 800 watts
Precision tuned, 100% Baltic birch enclosure
Frequency response: 45hz – 12khz
Sensitivity: 103db 2.83v/1m
Impedance: 4 ohms
Dimensions: 36”h x 24”w x 15”d
Weight: 108lbs.
Tilt-back casters
Optional padded cover available


Aries Basses Introduces the Aman II Bass


Aries Basses Introduces the Aman II Bass

Aries Basses has added a new model to their lineup called the Aman II. The design is brings together elements of two of their existing basses with the front pulling from the Aman I and the semi-acoustic body style of their Conis bass. (read more).

New Bass Emporium website up and running!


New Bass Emporium website up and running!

Check out the new website. I am adding product each and every day, so please check back. Also, make sure that you are registered on the mailing list as I will be having contests and give-aways ‘aplenty’! Staying registered keeps you in the running. Send us emails with any gear requests that you may have and watch this website continue to grow. Thanks!