Bass Emporium is a bass specialty webstore located in Austin, Texas. Check out my wide selection of premium and investment grade basses, amplifiers/speakers, strings and accessories from the very best foreign and US manufacturers. If you want the best, we’ve got it! I enjoy getting to know my clients and helping find what you’re looking for. Contact me now with your needs, dreams and desires. My customer phone number is 512-873-8043.

John Files – Owner

Hello. I have been a bass player since 1969 and I am insanely passionate about bass and bass gear. Like you, I was often frustrated by not being able to find products that I wanted and if I did, there were no knowledgeable people to help me with my needs. I opened Bass Emporium in Austin, Texas after 20 years music retail experience in “full-line” music stores. I closed the storefront in 2012, but I continue to service customers via telephone and over the internet. Let me know how I can better serve you and what products you would like to see me carry. You can always contact me by telephone or email. If you do not see what you are looking for, please let me know and remember to call me last when you get ready to purchase – I will bend over backward to match prices from anyone/anywhere. Also, check back often to see what is happening with both new and used products!

John Files